Haven't ridden in a while? Refresh your skills here.

Unforgettable moments; the first date on two wheels that ended under an umbrella in a cafe'? Or the Easter Sunday outing with your long ago was that? To have felt the exhilarating ease, the lust for life, the love of nature? Now that work has become routine and the kids are on their own, there is plenty of free time and space to enjoy yourself. Why not just pick up biking where you left off, years ago? Those who haven't ridden in a while would be amazed at how biking has advanced and developed over time. The technical quality has improved astoundingly over the past thirty oder so years, wobbly chassis' and ingnition difficulties are a thing of the past. Service intervals and performance have since reached four-wheel standards. Motorcycling demands appropriate equipment, just wearing a helmet is no longer a sufficient criteria; gloves, boots and a protected jacket belong to the basics of safe riding. ROADERS provides everything required and can advise in all pertinent questions concerning biking and biker safety. Just do it! You won`t regret your decision!

Harley-Davidson, briefing, practice exercises, a relaxed tour.

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