Whiskey/ wine/ world-famous mountain passes/ World's largest whiskey bar

This tour's destination, the high alpine swiss Engadin, is a classic amongst seasoned bikers and should be not be omitted in the years tour agenda. This high valley is found in the eastern region of Switzerland in the Canton of Graubünden. It stretches for over 80 kilometers and at 1800 meters above sea level it is one of the highest, populated valley regions europewide. Here, the highest moutaintops blend into the azure blue, alpine sky. We cross the swiss countryside in a southwesterly direction towards the popular, mundane swiss ski resorts. Reknown skiing villages such as Arosa or Savognin cannot coax us off our planned route, for it's the picturesque paths over mountain passes, the ever-changing panoramas and the exitement of curving roads that makes our hearts beat faster. We have the Lenzerheide and the Julierpass behind us as we arrive on the Engadin mountain plateau. Enchanting mountain lakes and glacier bluffs accompany us to our accomodations in St. Moritz, where we will stay for two nights. Our hotel, the only one located on the shore of the St. Moritz Lake, is reputed to have the best and most extensive whiskey collection served for your enjoyment in the largest whiskey bar worldwide. The corresponding cigars are also available in an incomparable ambiente. Our second day of the tour is a relaxed one, although not without several highlights, as we cruise extensively over famous passes such as Albula,Flüela and Umbrail. After returning to our hotel we have the evening ahead of us in a distiguished and celebrated wine cellar-while enjoying the view over the mountain lake, the village of St. Moritz as well as the alpine landscape- to review the day's adventures. Taking leave from this grandios and magical mountain paradise is difficult. Our consolation are the memories and, so desired, "high spirits" packed into our saddle bags, as well a unique an memorable excursion worth remembering. The one or other biker-selfie is also amongst the memorabilia and will be sure to be shown and discussed back at Roaders Home while enjoying the traditional home destination beer.

roaders 420 Miles   roaders 3 Days   roaders Side roads/ Main streets   roaders 405-2503m above sea level   roaders from 1.350 EURO

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