Warm-up course


Start your Engines

Winter is over! And as dry roads and mild temperatures lure us back onto our bikes, it´s best to be "ready for take-off", not only the bike but the rider as well! Just pressing the starter switch means leaving out an important aspect; a seasonal warm-up. Reward your bike and, of course, yourself with some extra attention. Without constant practice we tend to lose some important aspects, not merely shifting, signalling and braking, but estimating curves, road conditions, angular bearings, braking distances and evaluating your own speed or that of traffic. Thus sometimes an insecure feeling after a seasonal pause in well-known curves or in alleyways or parking lots. The main objective of this course is to recognize and avoid dangerous traffic situations and to react swiftly and safely since an anticipative and responsible riding style increases safety. This flexible course covers individual needs and desires of the participants, leaving room for exchanging stories and experiences.

roaders 40 Miles   roaders 1 Day   roaders 99 EURO

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